Map Games are collaborative alternate history games in which a starting map is posted and players take turns making changes to the map and posting alternate history events. Usually, the motive of these games is to create different world histories than that of the present world, or even the world at the time.

Map games are interesting projects and often, interesting concepts attract many users to play a certain Map Game and hopefully lead their nation to glory, another critical theme of Map Games. The idea of these map games was first cast by Baconton on the althistory wiki back in 2010. Although the first Map Game was not the best example of a successful and plausible Map Game, it did help to get the idea off the ground, creating a booming interesting in the concept.

However, Map Games do have their own problems. In many cases, many new Map Games lose users' interest and become defunct or never manage to gather enough support to even "get off the ground" and begin the game. Other problems are that sometimes nations' actions in-game become "ASB " and make users playing the game in a plausible manner lose interest in the game altogether.

There have been remarkably successful Map Games. These Map Games are usually successful either becuase of being the first of their kind Map Games or having a very plausible game play moderated effectively by appointed Moderators. Examples of such Map Games can be seen in the Example section.

Although Map Games are not allowed on this wiki, there are websites which are well know to play Map Games.


Most map games use algorithms to determine the winners of wars between nations. There are exceptions- such as the ever-popular Battle For Earth series- but many of the others, such as Night of the Living Althistory, the Principia Moderni series, or the Axis vs Allies series, use these extensively.


Though each Map Game will have it's own rules, general guidelines in place on the Althistory Wikia should be followed:

Naming Conventions: When creating a new map game, name the main page of the game "NAME (Map Game)" this will help keep the wiki more organized. Try to give it a name that represents the game, such as the era when it takes place, or the region accompanied by the start date.

Categories: When creating a new map game, make sure to create a new category for it. Either with a generic "Category:Map Game Maps #", or the name of your map game, ex. "Category:NAME Map Game Maps". Add the category to each new map you post.

Archiving: Every 30 turns, an archive page is generally created, to avoid problems with overly-large pages.

Image Quality: Maintain the bitrate of the base image. Saving images in a lower quality format or at a lower bitrate results in graining and other issues that make it difficult for others to edit the maps. Save as a .PNG as the format tends to maintain the image quality the best. If an image is posted that does not maintain the file quality of the one posted before it, it can be deleted. Also, every image editor has a text tool. Using a paintbrush or pencil tool for labels is ugly and unnecessary.

Talk Page: Talkpages are used as a forum, to ask questions or make algorithms.

Defunct Games: If a game goes defunct (Hasn't been edited in seven days), hasn't advanced past 15 turns, and can't be successfully revived, a "{{delete}}" template is placed on the page.


The Original Map Game on the Althistory Wiki is a notable example of a Map Game due to being the first of its type. It is also regarded as a good Map Game due to the fact its players completed playing the game uptil the present day - June the 1, 2010.

Principia Moderni, also on the Althistory Wiki, is an exceptional example of a Map Game run by good moderators and being played with good plausibity. The game holds the record for the longest running Map Game on the Althistory Wiki, completing 593 years, from its beginning in 1420 all the way uptil 2013, or 593 days of gameplay. Its successor, Principia Moderni II is also going strong, yet the two worlds depicted can be said to be vastly different.

Night of the Living Alternate History was an example of a radical new idea as a basis for a Map Game. It was played on the Althistory Wiki and run by the user Mscoree. The game involved the outbreak of zombies after scientists tried to create the same type of virus as the one in the movie Night of the Living Dead. The game was played by many users and was enjoyable to play.