Timeline: Rhodesians Never Die

OTL equivalent: Zimbabwean districts of Hwange, Binga, Karbia, and Hurungwe
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Flag Coat of Arms
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Location of Rhodesia in original timeline equivalent of Zimbabwe.
Anthem "Rise, O' Voices of Rhodesia"
Capital Salisbury
Other cities Springfield, Quahog, Columbia, Harare, Williamsburg, and Waterfield
Language English, Chewa, and Chibarwe
Religion Anglican church
Ethnic group Demographics:
  • 74.0% White
  • 14.9 Shona
  • 11.8% Ndebele
  • 7.4% other African
  • 1.2% Middle Eastern, Portuguese, Indian
  • 1.7% others
Demonym Rhodesian
Government Unitary parliamentary constitutional monarchy
Monarch Elizabeth II
  Royal house: House of Windsor
Prime Minister Jack Biden
Population 19,970,000 
Independence from United Kingdom
  declared: 11 November 1965
Currency Rhodesian pound