United Kingdom
Timeline: European Power
1280px-Flag of the United Kingdom.svg Royal Coat of Arms of the United Kingdom (HM Government).svg
Flag Coat of Arms
Europe-United Kingdom (1921).svg
Location of United Kingdom
Anthem "God Save The King"
Capital London
Largest city London
Other cities Edinbourgh, Glasgow, Dublin, Belfast, Southampton, Cardiff
  others Scots, Welsh, Irish, Scottish Gaelic
Religion Church of St. George
Ethnic group Ethnic Groups:
  • White 94%
  • Black 2%
  • Asian 2%
Demonym Briton, British
Government Unitary parliamentary constitutional monarchy
Monarch Charles III
Prime Minister William Atlee
Area 315,093 km² (121,658 sq mi) km²
Population 75,000,000 
Established History:
  • Annexation of Wales: 1500
  • Acts of Union of England and Scotland: 1707
  • Acts of Union Britain and Ireland: 1801
Currency British Pound
Time zone GMT
  summer: BST
Internet TLD .uk
Calling code +44