United Kingdom
Timeline: European Power
1280px-Flag of the United Kingdom.svg Royal Coat of Arms of the United Kingdom (HM Government).svg
Flag Coat of Arms
Europe-United Kingdom (1921).svg
Location of United Kingdom
Anthem: "God Save The King"
Capital: London
Largest city: London
Other cities: Edinbourgh, Glasgow, Dublin, Belfast, Southampton, Cardiff
  others: Scots, Welsh, Irish, Scottish Gaelic
Religion: Church of St. George
Ethnic group: Ethnic Groups:
  • White 94%
  • Black 2%
  • Asian 2%
Demonym: Briton, British
Government: Unitary parliamentary constitutional monarchy
Monarch: Charles III
Prime Minister: William Atlee
Area: 315,093 km² (121,658 sq mi) km²
Population: 75,000,000 
Established: History:
  • Annexation of Wales: 1500
  • Acts of Union of England and Scotland: 1707
  • Acts of Union Britain and Ireland: 1801
Currency: British Pound
Time zone: GMT
  summer: BST
Internet TLD: .uk
Calling code: +44

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