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    Ian and Barabara

    March 10, 2014 by POMfannumber1

    This is an alternative history story in which the First Doctor never kidnaps Ian and Barbara from Totter's Lane.

    "Now that we've let them go, I suggest we leave here." annouced Susan as she pushed buttons and pulled levers as the TARDIS landed in a block of flats in 2014. The Doctor turns on the scanner and sees a man and his daughter walking out of the lift. The Doctor and Susan step outside and randomly knock on their door. The girl answered it. "What do you want? I'm meeting with Shirley and Brenda in twenty minutes and I havn't even picked what to wear!" she said as her dad put some grocieres in the fridge. " I don't care. What year is it?" the Doctor snapped. " Had a hangover or something? You could come in for a cofee." asked the girl…

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