This is an alternative history story in which the First Doctor never kidnaps Ian and Barbara from Totter's Lane.


"Now that we've let them go, I suggest we leave here." annouced Susan as she pushed buttons and pulled levers as the TARDIS landed in a block of flats in 2014. The Doctor turns on the scanner and sees a man and his daughter walking out of the lift. The Doctor and Susan step outside and randomly knock on their door. The girl answered it. "What do you want? I'm meeting with Shirley and Brenda in twenty minutes and I havn't even picked what to wear!" she said as her dad put some grocieres in the fridge. " I don't care. What year is it?" the Doctor snapped. " Had a hangover or something? You could come in for a cofee." asked the girl. "Just tell me the date!" boomed the Doctor. "2014!" shouted the girl as she threw her jacket in the Doctor's face and ran off. A nosy neighbour tried to came in but the man slammed the door. The Doctor and Susan quickly came in and Susan was walking to the sitting room. The Doctor, meanwhile, barged into the girl's room. She had put on a red dress and was reaching for her lipstick. "Who are you, young lady?" asked the Doctor as he came in and tripped over the girl's collection of high-heeled shoes. The girl laughed which was a big mistake. The Doctor got quite angry. "Why are you so silly child?" he asked angrilly. "I'm Alesha Johns and who are you and your girl?" she asked as she was putting some blusher on. "I'm err.. John Smith and she's Miranda Smith." the Doctor said quickly. "Nice to meet you, Mr.Smith. I used to know someone called Luke Smith. Are you related to him?" Alesha said as she reached out her hand. The Doctor shok it. Alesha then stared at the clock and ran. "Got to go, bye!" she said as she quickly drank some cofee and kissed her dad goodbye. The Doctor walked out as well. Susan was watching Coronation Street and drinking some cofee. The Doctor decided not to wake her as he crept out and round the corner to the TARDIS. It was then he realized that the chameleon circuit was stuck. "Oh dear dear, how very disturbing!" mutterd the Doctor as he went inside to fix it. While Alesha was at the bar with Shirley and Brenda and drinking beer, she couldn't stop thinking about the Doctor. Around midnight, she crept into the flat. Her dad was asleep and Susan was asleep on the setee. Alesha didn't bother getting undressed. She just slept on the top of her bed. The next day, she didn't wake up untill noon. While her dad offered her eggs and bacon, she just had some toast and cofee and got her coat and hat on. She also put on a huge, multi-coloured scarf which hadn't been there before. She went off the Eastate and went into the town. She got a pad of paper and a pen which had mysteriously disappeared. Heading out of the newsagents, she felt cold. She wished she hadn't worn her shortest skirt. She liked it because it showed off her slim legs. She went to a clothes shop and then changed into a bigger skirt in the public loos. She went to a few more shops and then stopped for a rest in the park. She remembred when she was little when her mum would push her on the swings and she would beg to go higher. She missed her mum terribly. A few years before, Alesha started bunking off school and went to get burgers and chips at school lunchtimes and never did her homework. Her mum had went to live in another country with Alesha's three younger sisters. They were her parent's biological children. Alesha was adopted.  After a few minutes, the Doctor and Susan arrived. "I've fixed the chameleon circuit but the TARDIS just won't work properly" Susan said. Alesha was a very understanding person and the Doctor had agreed that they could ask her for help. They took the bus back and Alesha showed the Doctor where the cellar was. The Doctor was refusing to tell Alesha what the TARDIS was. The Doctor was now using his sonic screwdriver to tinker with the electricity. Suddenly, three floors up, Susan and Mr. Jones, who were watching Coronation Street and eating their breakfast with a cofee each lost the electricity. "What on Earth are you doing?" Alesha asked as the Doctor was pulling wires out. "Fixing the TARDIS!" the Doctor muttered as he charged some wires together. The TARDIS started matrilizing. The Doctor dragged Alesha up three floors of flats and dragged her into the sitting room. By now, the electricity was back on. Alesha went into her bedroom and started to read a magazine. She turned a page and she could see some words covering the entire double-page spread. The words read "HE IS COMING!". Alesha blinked and then she saw Girl's Fancy Free Magazine's Advice Column. She put the magazine down and went to the kitchen. Mr.Jones was making a slap-up dinner while watching a football game. "Hi, Dad!" she said as she got a pint of beer from the drinks cupboard. The Doctor strolled in after watching Eastenders with Susan. "Now, young man, is it okay for Miranda and I to stay the night?" he asked. Before Mr. Jones could say anything, the Doctor was already choosing which bed to sleep in. Susan was sleeping on the setee and Alesha knew the Doctor wouldn't want to sleep in one of her younger sister's beds. She got a matress, duvet and pillow and bedded the Doctor in the big cupboard. After a slap-up dinner of pork pies and cooked ham and slices of choclate cake, the four of them watched a few game shows. At 10:00, Alesha had a shower and went to bed. After a while, everyone else went to bed. Alesha woke up early and got washed and dressed. In the morning, her boyfriend came round and them and Susan watched a bowling game. The Doctor slept untill quite late. Mr.Jones came in the cupboard for a hoover and that woke the Doctor up!

More To Be Added Soon!