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Bureaucrat Founder
  • I live in Greenville, SC
  • I was born on January 10
  • I am male
  • SouthWriter

    It is the time of year when the classic alternative history - "It's a Wonderful Life" -- hits the airways.  Or, as in my case, might be dusted off and played at home.  In this movie, the main character faces a financial disaster and in frustration he says "I wish I had never been born."  Instead of an "auto-biography" this is a "Naughto-biography," for the biography is NOTHING (Naught).

    Clarence, an angel seeking to earn his wings, is sent to teach him a lesson about his unsung heroism that changed the world around him.  It occurred to me that such an exercise could help me take a look at my own life in much the same way.  I hope to provide a running history of the last six decades based on the lives of those lives I have touched even if on…

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  • SouthWriter

    Hi, Wingman. This works fine. Comments appear just as they do in any blog, but it works fantastic.

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  • SouthWriter

    Okay, folks, it would seem that the "blog" and the "message wall" may have been reversed. This looks all the world like a talk page as seen on any other wiki that I have been on.

    My one contact with the wiki community outside of a prepared "welcome" note has been from Wingman1, who has suggested that the blog be used for talk. I like that idea, given the problems with the "Message Wall"

    So, Here's hoping that the blog works. SouthWriter (talk) 23:05, October 8, 2012 (UTC)

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